Dungeon Synth Journal

In 2024 I started writing in-depth about the artists I love. Thanks to the feedback of some friends, the project is slowly becoming a broader "Dungeon Synth Journal" (I owe to Umbría this apt and inspiring definition). I'll update this page whenever time, energies and inspiration allow.

Artists I love: Evergreen
Artists I love: Willow Tea
Why Hjartans is a project with so many different sides
Artists I love: Lichdom
Artists I love: Bruna and Desolazione Rurale

Dungeon Synth I enjoy

In 2023 I have written some Reddit posts about Dungeon Synth I enjoy. You can find them here.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
2023 recap

If you are curious about what I listen to, here's my Bandcamp fan profile.