Open your heart to the Night - some technical details

I recorded most of Open your heart to the Night with my analog semimodular (Dreadbox Nyx v2). Here are the non-Nyx sounds track by track:
1. the electric piano (courtesy of Cobalt5s) and the choirs VSTs;
2.-4. the pad, typically one Cobalt patch recorded at least twice at different octaves;
5. the bass you hear right from the start and the pad coming in at 1:40-ish (still the Cobalt).

By the time I got around to tracks 6.-9., I got my act together and only recorded with the Nyx. The pad-like sounds are obtained from arpeggios + eldritch amounts of reverbs (probably one hardware pedal plus two different VSTs).

The drums in Treasures of Tartarus (track 5) are courtesy of Addictive Drums 2, all the rest is MT-PowerDrumKit. Depending on the track, there's also reverb, shimmerverb, tape mello-fi with or without drive, limiter, something for widening the stereo image (for limiter and stereo image I use Ozone 9 Elements, courtesy of my audio interface).

The drums in The darker the night, the brighter the stars, which I guess are the most striking, have the following FX route: unpitched shimmerverb -> tape mello-fi for drive, tone and a touch of low-pass filter -> limiter.