Delve deeper into the lore of Hjartans

Wanderings and Vistas, mt first album, introduces the Old Empire, a rich and multifaceted land where one is equally likely to find winding canyons, vast deserts, enchanted woods and old artifacts from a a time when the world was younger. There are many secrets to uncover, maybe even lost records of the former glory of the Empire.

The roads of the Old Empire further explores this land, and hints at some deeper lore that one day might be revealed...

The Last Embers of the Fire walks the line between fantasy and reality: inspired by real poems on Alzheimer's disease, it sings the struggles of losing oneself to an illness, without forgetting the warmth of the presence of loved ones. These experiences are reimagined in a winter synth setting but, as Alzheimer's blurs the line between reality and illusion, the music blurs the line between genres. The Last Embers of the Fire is an album of contaminations: winter synth, 80s sounds, power metal... and thematically it blends real struggles with fantasy influences.

Golem Dreams is the first EP inspired by literary works that spoke to my heart. The theme of artificial beings and their struggle for acceptance reminded me of the struggles too many persons face in their daily life. This is my tribute to them: may they always find their voice and may their voice be listened forever. As I discussed a couple of times in my Dungeon Synth Journal, it's been a pivotal project in many ways. You can read more here and here.

Sumarið Þegar Hjartað Söng has been aptly described as a "more metal oriented version of The Last Embers of the Fire". It draws inspiration from the summer of 2001, when I had my heart transplant. All the songs describe by my own experiences - the bad, the good and the bittersweet. I tried to convey the sombre comfort of the late stages of an illness, the dire predicament of being close to death, and the strenght, joy and bittersweet feelings that the gift of a new heart brought to my life. If you are facing struggles of your own, you have all of my support. Fight on, even in weakness; shine on, even in the darkest hour; and let your heart sing its wonderful songs.

Arrhythmias is the second project fully inspired by my health journey. A few years after my heart transplant, I had to face yet another challenge... and this album tries to put some of it in music. Like The Last Embers of the Fire and Sumarið Þegar Hjartað Söng, it has a strong sense of direction, moving from a dark place to a brighter, even if not always 100% positive, end.

Open your heart to the Night is based on my youthful fascination with Greek mythology and the night sky. I loved to blend both themes into a nuanced and genre-defying album. I hope to revisit similar concepts somewhere in the future. For some technical details on the album, look here.